Alps Prosthetic Liberty Liner II

Product Summary

ALPS Liberty Liner II allows the expulsion of sweat and air through a built-in valve either through the pin or reducer. The one-way evacuation valve has been strategically placed distally to evacuate any air between the user’s skin and the liner.


Sizing Chart

Mastercare Enterprises | Alps Prosthetic Liberty Liner II - Chart Size

Fit & Thickness

Mastercare Enterprises | Alps Prosthetic Liberty Liner II
Mastercare Enterprises | ALPS Prosthesis Liners - How to Size/ Measure/ Fit Prosthetic Limb Liners

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm

Dispatch From (Outlet)

RSA/ WC/ Cape Town

Product/ Service Type

Stock Held Item (SHI) > *See Customer Service Page for More Details

Lead Time for Dispatch

Normally 1-5 Working Days

#Qty Per Order

1x Unit [Min]

Activity Level

K2: Middle/ Low Activity, K3: Middle/ High Activity, K4: High Activity

Size (See Sizing Chart)

16 – 19cm (SZ16), 20 – 23cm (SZ20), 24 – 25cm (SZ24), 26 – 27cm (SZ26), 28 – 31cm (SZ28), 32 – 37cm (SZ32)


6mm Uniform

Product Options

Transfemoral, Transtibial


Locking Liner


High Density (HD) Gel


In house knitted fabric with high quality yarns;


Black, Brown


12 Months

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